Developing a strong skill set for IGCSE/ O'Levels qualification along with a positive attitude and well rounded personality


Education & personality developement


Adequate arrangements for different activities

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Students have to learn that they belong and develop a better sense of their being. Being exposed to similar and diverse peers helps their mental growth and teaches them tolerance. Diversity benefits a young mind, as they understand differences between themselves and others.


We believe that rules and structure are important for the overall growth of a child. Be punctual, report to school and class on time. Strive to be present every school day, respect each other at all times and keep the campus  neat and clean.


Safety and security of our children is of the utmost importance to our staff. Our security team is dedicated to looking after the needs of our school. The school has also deployed the emergency response system as instructed by local security agencies.


We encourage independence, confidence and ambition in all our students. Our teachers play a pivotal role in giving each student individual attention and quality time. Preparing and educating students about selecting the right subjects is an integral aspect of our guidance system.

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#23, Sciential Avenue H-11/4, Islamabad


+92 51 8775551-2


Teachers regularly report on their students’ performance. More importantly, any concerns regarding any student are immediately reported by the teacher to the relevant department head. These reports include comments about homework completion, grades, attendance, effort, ability, punctuality and participation.


Establishing discipline within every child is the key to a successful educational experience.Scheduling and following timelines is of paramount importance to students and educators alike. Not only does it teach efficiency, it also allows individuals to yield their best results in the short and long run.


Here’s what parents have to say about us:

Our association with the Red Oak began in the second schooling year of my son Mekayil Ali Khan. The huge difference in his confidence, eagerness to learn and write was evident in the first few weeks, for us the whole change and experience was delightful.
Mekayil Ali Khan
Kangaroos 2014
My experience with the Red Oak school was memorable, not only because the school took exceptionally good care of my child (in all respects), but they were considerate and patient with a “procrastinated” parent like me.
Eishaal Khan
Everyday children go to school in a highly positive atmosphere which stimulates the body, the soul and the mind. I am proud to be a Pakistani and found the curriculum, activities and events very balanced regarding core learning outcomes and cultural and religious elements.
Ayesha, Sulaiman and Rameesha Rashid Piracha
Kangaroos 2014

Facilities at Red Oak High

  • Educated and experienced teachers.
  • A secure, state-of-the-art facility.
  • Interactive Promethean (Smart) boards.
  • A fully equipped computer laboratory.
  • Equipment for science experiments and S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) practicals.
  • Elective language development: French or Mandarin.
  • Highly trained physical education instructors.
  • Football field.
  • Music equipment.

School Timings

  • Mon 7:50 - 14:10
  • Tue 7:50 - 14:10
  • Wed 7:50 - 14:10
  • Thu 7:50 - 14:10
  • Fri 7:50 - 12:30