For any type of leave casual, sick or long leave, an application should be submitted to the principal.

 A medical certificate should be submitted to school office, if a child is suffering from a disease-causing long absence.

 In case of contagious infection student must stay home unless fully recovered.

 Long leaves must be intimated to school admin.

 In case of long absence from school, parents and students should cooperate with the teachers in completing missed home and school tasks.


 To avoid any inconvenience to visitors or parents all appointments should be booked prior to visit.

 Appointments are available during working hours Monday – Friday.


 For our children to stay healthy and avoid sickness, regular showers are advised.

 Uniform should be neat, clean and properly pressed.

 Teeth brushing, nail trimming and clean ears should be regularly administered at home.

 Lice check will be done regularly at school, so students must take care of it. Head lice is considered to be a serious health problem and a child will be required to stay home until he or she is completely free of it.


 Parents should contact school admin priorly for early pick up of their child.

 If new ayahs, driver or other are to come to pick the child, intimation call or written permission from the parents must be submitted.


 Detention of students during break and games periods will be carried out at school, if class assignments are incomplete or missing out.

 Extreme cases of misconduct will be reported to the parents and the following measures will be taken (the level of the seriousness of the act will be determined by the principal in consultation with the school faculty).

 The student will undergo in-house suspension during which he / she will be separated from the class and placed under the supervision of academic coordinators. He / she will be assigned additional work during recess or after school and excluded from games and activity periods.

 Upon completion of the in-house suspension period, the student will be placed on probation which means that the student will be allowed to rejoin his / her class. Exclusion from recess, games and activity periods will however continue. In this period, his / her academic performance and behavior will be closely monitored.

 If a student fails to show an improvement in behavior after these measures, he / she will be suspended from school for a specified number of days and a warning letter will be issued.

 Any act of indiscipline after the issuance of three warnings will be dealt with seriously and may lead to expulsion from school.