At The Redoak

  • We believe that all children can become successful learners.
  • We recognize that all children learn differently and we focus on those differences.
  • The Redoak is a values-driven learning community in which students and staff share high expectations and learn and develop by meeting challenging yet achievable objectives.
  • We prepare our students by inculcating a life-long desire to learn by integrating a range of different materials, approaches and activities in our daily school routine.
  • We use customized, planned, effective and tested learning methodologies with a continuous ‘review and improve’ approach towards the learning process and a responsive partnership between parents, students and the school which has continued to deliver quality results.
  • The Treehouse child is one with a sense of pride, confidence and an acceptance of diversity. We firmly believe in developing independent learners who are equipped to think critically, use their knowledge effectively and interact with different people.
  • It is our objective to create a diverse, challenging and safe learning environment that fosters teamwork, excitement and a love for learning.
  • We encourage individual growth and academic success while guiding our students to become knowledgeable and responsible citizens and the adaptability to integrate confidently into any environment (both local and international).