It is well established that long-term success in life depends upon a child’s learning environment during the early years of his or her life. In fact, the first five years are when children discover how to learn. Therefore, laying the foundations of positive learning opportunities during these nascent years is essential for children’s emotional, social, linguistic, cognitive and physical development. Our preschool program comprises of the following age groups:
  •  Koalas: 2+ years
  • Pandas: 3+ years
  • Dolphins, 4+ years
  • Kangaroos: 5+ years.
  Choosing a school can be a difficult task. Our aim through this website is to give you some of the information you need to make the decision easier. However, visiting the school, meeting the staff and talking to parents who currently have their children enrolled is always the most effective way of ensuring you are making the right choice. Therefore we would encourage you to make an appointment to visit the school before making this important decision. Rest assured, that your child will receive the best possible start in their journey through our education and development program. The Treehouse is known to be one of the most experienced and established preschools in the Capital with a proven track record of excellence. Our teaching staff has been selected for their experience and aptitude. The Nursery itself is equipped with educational toys and a robust activity program designed to ensure that your child develops all the necessary skills to progress to your chosen school in the future.