Admissions Open in Red Oak High Islamabad for Grades 3 – IGCSE

Red Oak High Islamabad invites parents and guardians to visit our school and explore our academic programs as admissions are now open for Grades 3-IGCSE.

Why Choose Red Oak High School?
At Red Oak High, we are committed to providing a comprehensive and enriching learning experience for our students.

Here are some compelling reasons to consider Red Oak High for your child’s education:
1. Academic Excellence: Our curriculum is designed to stimulate critical thinking, creativity and academic achievement. We prioritize a well-rounded education that prepares students for future success.
2. Qualified and Dedicated Faculty: Our experienced teachers are passionate about teaching and nurturing students’ potential. They create a supportive learning environment that encourages intellectual curiosity and growth.
3. Holistic Development: Beyond academics, we emphasize the development of essential life skills, character traits and values with the help of a well-developed value system and philosophy. Our students engage in extracurricular activities, sports, community service and leadership opportunities.
4. State-of-the-Art Facilities: Red Oak High boasts modern classrooms, well-equipped science and computer laboratories, a library with a vast collection of resources, sports facilities and technology-integrated learning spaces.
5. Safe and Inclusive Environment: We prioritize the safety, well-being and inclusivity of all students. Our school culture promotes respect, diversity and collaboration among students, teachers and parents.

Admission Process:
1. Application Submission: Interested parents can contact us to schedule an appointment for visitation. At the time of the visit, an interest application form will need to filled in. A comprehensive meeting will be held with the Campus Coordinator to answer all questions & queries and to share the value system and philosophy of the school.
2. Entrance Assessment: If the family is aligned with the value system of Red Oak High, interested candidates will then be required to participate in an entrance assessment to evaluate their academic readiness and suitability for our competitive curriculum.
3. Interview with the Principal/ Director: Shortlisted students will undergo a comprehensive interview process to assess their academic potential and fit for the grade level. The parents will also be required to come in to discuss the way forward.
4. Document Submission: Along with the completed admission form, applicants need to submit copies of academic transcripts, birth certificate, passport-sized photographs, a School Leaving Certificate and any relevant certificates and/or recommendations.

Contact Us:
For inquiries, admissions, and to schedule a campus visit, please contact us:
* Email:
* Phone: +92 51 8775551 & +92 51 8775552
* Address: Red Oak High by the Treehouse
ISSC 23, Sciential Avenue, H-11/4, Islamabad

Join Red Oak High Islamabad in shaping a brighter future for your child. Our dedicated team is here to support your child’s academic journey and personal growth.
Apply now and embark on a rewarding educational experience with Red Oak High.
We look forward to welcoming you to our school community!

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